We love you, Houston.

Hi, friends, We hope that you and your family are safe and dry following the devastating storm in our hometown.  From something so bad are some good things:  neighbors helping neighbors, stories of incredible compassion and strength – even the opportunity to share our emergency response skills with those in need.  A favorite student from our most recent EMT course, Ken Dies (“Captain Ken”) worked with the Coast Guard to rescue 4361 people and 11 pets in a 72-hour span; such incredible dedication and skill, and a great example of the reasons we chose our vocation – and why we continue despite the risks.  We are so proud of Captain Ken and all of the people involved in serving our city, and we will begin the process of repairing and healing along with our friends. Parachute will work within our agencies and departments to support and restore the homes, businesses and people affected by Harvey; we will continue to be the spirited, stubborn Texans that get things done.  We plan to donate time, resources and money (youcaring.com/jjwatt) to this heroic effort, and we encourage you to share whatever you can.  If nothing else, spread HOPE. We love you, Houston.