Our Pandemic Solutions Resiliency Team is comprised of our Medical Director, emergency response professionals, licensed paramedics, and certified safety experts.

Parachute Consulting Pandemic Solutions

We have the experience and resources to guide the constantly changing business landscape of the COVID 19 pandemic. We monitor the current situation diligently and are prepared to offer remote or onsite services for critical work functions. Parachute Consulting is committed to helping our clients as they safely navigate into post-pandemic work conditions, featuring:

  • Onsite Covid 19 screening & testing.  Our medical team evaluates employee waivers, checks temperatures and oxygen saturation levels, then provides FDA EUA-approved Carestart Covid 19 rapid tests, with our custom software and app. This solution allows us to provide non-invasive, reliable, credible tests for our clients, then continue our support for tested candidates with the downloadable app.  The app is HIPAA-compliant and confidential, and it displays test results to be shared by the candidate with an employer or physician.  The app also relays critical resources, including suggestions for nearby clinics for follow-up and Covid 19 vaccination availability, recommendations for contact tracing, reminders for additional medical procedures, and more.  We can provide a wearable to track the app also!
  • General safety consulting: site audits, development/revision of company SOPs and safety manuals, emergency response training, pandemic preparedness and response, business continuity planning
  • Return-to-work, resiliency & leadership presentations & workshops
  • Personal protective equipment training and recommendations
  • Assistance with administrative control policies for social distancing at work

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Recent Awards

BBB Award of Excellence 2012-2017
BBB Award of Excellence 2018
BBB Award of Excellence 2019
BBB Award of Excellence 2020