Parachute provides expert consultation for business continuity, workplace safety, ergonomics, & other critical work areas.

Business Continuity

Parachute provides business continuity planning for small & large companies in any industry.  We have a comprehensive Workplace/School Safety Program, led by our law enforcement team.  We have proprietary, custom tools & plans to evaluate your current work environment & assist you in preparing for potential issues:

  • Business/school continuity plans
  • Leadership & Resiliency training
  • Safety manual & policy generation/update (SOPs, EAPs, EOPs)
  • Pandemic planning
  • Workplace violence & active shooter preparedness training
  • Self Defense workshops
  • Medical emergency response training
  • Natural disasters preparedness

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Development of Workplace Safety Plans

The Parachute Safety team is your company safety department.  Our experienced professionals will handle these and other company needs:

  • Site safety walkthrough audits
  • Development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and policies
  • Creation/updating of company safety manuals

Office & Industrial Ergonomics

Good ergonomic working conditions involve more than the right technicalities; successful companies are characterized by clear health and safety procedures and a commitment to safe, sustainable working conditions.  Professional evaluation of worksite tasks and consultation with company leaders may serve as an extension of these procedures.  Additionally, the development of company ErgoScouts® may allow for ongoing monitoring and regulation and a continuation of safe work practices. 

Parachute Consulting has robust ergonomic offerings and the experienced staff to implement them.  Our team includes Ergonomists, degreed Exercise Physiologists, certified/licensed Medics, licensed Athletic Trainers, certified Pilates Instructors and movement experts, registered/licensed Dietitians, licensed Massage Therapists, and board-certified Medical Directors (Occupational Medicine/Master of Public Health; Emergency Medicine).  And, critically, we understand the importance of ergonomic issues and the need to reach people with this safety message in a way that resonates – it only works if you can get people to do it.  This concept is a hallmark of Parachute Consulting training.


  • ErgoScout® training
  • Office & industrial ergonomic assessments
  • JSAs & task analyses
  • Guidance, recommendations & resources for ergonomically sound equipment, furniture & supplies
  • Workplace consulting for leadership & management

Recent Awards

BBB Award of Excellence 2012-2017
BBB Award of Excellence 2018
BBB Award of Excellence 2019
BBB Award of Excellence 2020